Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Towards Sunshine

Once upon a time, I started a little music project.
Here's the story of how it happened...

If you're reading this, you probably already know me.
And if you know me, you know how much I love music.
It was a major epiphany when I realized working in the music industry
was a legitimate possibility when I moved home after my freshman year of college.

Then I went on my mission and put the idea on the backburner for two years.

After my first semester back at school (April 2011 - wow forever ago),
I came up with the idea of producing a benefit album 
featuring local bands and artists.
And thanks to a connection with a friend, 
I found the 
perfect non-profit for the project to benefit:
Inside Out Learning International was founded
by a woman in Alpine, UT named Marilynn Clark.
IOL's mission is to train African teachers how to
incorporate creativity, music, critical thinking
and moral values into their teaching; 
as opposed to the rote memorization and
disciplinarian methods typically employed in
the classrooms.
Finding artists for the album actually turned 
out to be a lot easier than I initially anticipated.
Whether they were friends, roommates, mission companions,
classmates, former co-workers or new acquaintances, 
it turns out I'm blessed to know a huge number of talented musicians.
Once the album was finished, I teamed up with Lean On Music,
a local non-profit started by my friends Zac and Holly Jensen,
to organize the benefit concert.
Before I knew it, we had a venue booked, 
online promos filmed, posters printed,
corporate sponsorships lined up 
and coverage in the BYU Universe.
(Check out the article here.)
The concert was at Castle Park Events Center in Lindon,
and we had four artists from the album performing:
Caleb Blood
Mimi Knowles
The event was a blast and we raised about $1200,
the majority of which is going directly to IOL.
This whole adventure has been such an incredible 
learning experience. It's been my dream for so long
to do something like this, and part of me is
still just in shock that it even really happened.
I'm already working on a new project,
and I can't wait to see where this takes me.

I would be remiss if I didn't thank everyone involved
in this project, and I didn't get a chance to do so in
the album, so bear with me, but I'm doing it here:

Dad, for supporting me so completely in making all
this happen and for teaching me to never dream small.
Mom, for giving me feedback on the dozens of songs
I made you listen to, and for talking me through every
day and every little detail.
Spencer, for manning the ticket table like a champ.
Chelsea, for pushing me to even do this in the first place.
Lots of people may think they have the best friend in the world,
but I'm so blessed because I actually do :)
All of the artists and bands who so willingly donated songs.
 Zac and Holly and the rest of Lean On Music, for jumping on board 
and helping me make the concert a reality.
Cassie Bingham, for doing all the artwork and
Zac Parkinson, for all the amazing graphic design.
Melanie Jones, for writing such a wonderful article in the paper.
Camille, for helping so much with the advertising 
by calling it a Cub Scout service project. :) 
The CPP Team for shooting/editing/putting together the promos.
Castle Park Events Center, for providing such an awesome venue.
All of the sponsors who donated money, equipment and prizes:
Marilynn Clark, Showscoop, International Learning Programs,
Sweaty Chix, Best In Music and Roll-Up Cafe.
AMS Rabbit for manufacturing the CDs.
Everyone who helped set up, take down, bake cookies,
canvas apartment complexes, sell tickets and a million other things,
and last but certainly not least,
everyone who came to the concert, bought a CD
and helped make the project so successful.



Tiffany said...

Great job Glenn, you're amazing!!

Tiffany said...

Great job Glenn, you should be really proud of the amazing work you've done on this! You're a rock star! :)

alimud said...

This is so cool Glenn! Amazing job!