Saturday, April 28, 2012

Life is a PRty!

Well school is out for the semester... I survived!
(With all A's and 1 B - I'll take it.)
To celebrate, the weekend before finals, I got together with
a few of my friends from my 336 class
(aka Strategic Communications Planning)
I have to say 336 was most likely my favorite class this semester.
Our class loved each other SOOO much, it verged into slightly freakish territory.
But what can I say? After a semester of developing campaign after campaign,
working in teams and helping each other out,
you can't help but become friends.
I'm so glad I'm stuck with these guys for the rest
of the time I'm in the PR program.

So, since we love each other so much,
we organized a little post-semester get-together.
John, Sarah, Tori, Me, Melanie
First, a few of us met up for dinner at Guru's.
Then we headed over to Muse
and met up with some more PR friends
for the Battle of the Bands
to cheer on two of our classmates,
Kenny and Mason.
Kenny with his band Baldwin Games
Mason with his band Mont Blanc

Mason's band ended up winning!
And the whole night was just so much fun.
After the show, we hung out for a while,
hit up Sammy's for shakes
and ended up back at Sarah's apartment
to reminisce about the past semester
and talk about the future.
The semester was so great and
I'm so glad I met these amazing people.
Can't wait for another semester of PRtying!


Meredith said...

Looks like you guys had such a great time at the Battle! Wish I could have been there. It was a great class. Since I've started the new term, I find myself looking for you...but you're not there. I'm glad you're having the time of your life with your internship, but I miss having you around :).

Anisa Bennett said...

Whoa you are hanging out with my girl Sarah? I'm jealous! And I miss you glenners. Truly madly deeply.