Monday, April 30, 2012

Last Week, In the Lives of My Friends

Before I get to the gigantic Coachella
post that is most definitely coming,
there's one other thing I need to blog about.
Well...several things, really...

Last week was quite the busy in the lives
of several of my oldest, closest friends. 
So I'm dedicating a whole post to it.

The first and biggest thing is that
on Friday morning, I woke up to this text from Karly:
"Did you see! Little Annie arrived this morning!"
Photo Credit: Karly Barker
This beautiful bundle of joy finally arrived!
I am so happy for Karly and James
and know this baby will be so loved.
Annie, you have the best parents in the entire world.
I can't wait to meet you and spoil you rotten!

Thursday was another huge day.
Two of my oldest friends from college
(meaning way back in 2007)
Dani and Mich
got married.
To each other.
Photo Credit: Lauren Michelle Photography
So happy for Mr. and Mrs. Knowles

And last but certainly not least,
Chelsea graduated from the University of Michigan 
on Friday!
Photo Credit: Tiffany Wilson
I'm so so proud of Chels
and can't wait to see her this weekend
before she heads off to take NYC by storm!
I always said this girl was going to change the world.
Just sit back and watch.
It absolutely blows my mind that one of my very best friends
had a baby, the other one graduated from college and
two other got married! 
Seriously, when did we get old enough to be grown-ups???

Up next:
Tori's baby is coming any day now.
I'm praying for Baby A to make her 
grand entrance on May 7.
I don't know if Tori agrees with me...

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