Monday, April 30, 2012

Last Week, In the Lives of My Friends

Before I get to the gigantic Coachella
post that is most definitely coming,
there's one other thing I need to blog about.
Well...several things, really...

Last week was quite the busy in the lives
of several of my oldest, closest friends. 
So I'm dedicating a whole post to it.

The first and biggest thing is that
on Friday morning, I woke up to this text from Karly:
"Did you see! Little Annie arrived this morning!"
Photo Credit: Karly Barker
This beautiful bundle of joy finally arrived!
I am so happy for Karly and James
and know this baby will be so loved.
Annie, you have the best parents in the entire world.
I can't wait to meet you and spoil you rotten!

Thursday was another huge day.
Two of my oldest friends from college
(meaning way back in 2007)
Dani and Mich
got married.
To each other.
Photo Credit: Lauren Michelle Photography
So happy for Mr. and Mrs. Knowles

And last but certainly not least,
Chelsea graduated from the University of Michigan 
on Friday!
Photo Credit: Tiffany Wilson
I'm so so proud of Chels
and can't wait to see her this weekend
before she heads off to take NYC by storm!
I always said this girl was going to change the world.
Just sit back and watch.
It absolutely blows my mind that one of my very best friends
had a baby, the other one graduated from college and
two other got married! 
Seriously, when did we get old enough to be grown-ups???

Up next:
Tori's baby is coming any day now.
I'm praying for Baby A to make her 
grand entrance on May 7.
I don't know if Tori agrees with me...

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Life is a PRty!

Well school is out for the semester... I survived!
(With all A's and 1 B - I'll take it.)
To celebrate, the weekend before finals, I got together with
a few of my friends from my 336 class
(aka Strategic Communications Planning)
I have to say 336 was most likely my favorite class this semester.
Our class loved each other SOOO much, it verged into slightly freakish territory.
But what can I say? After a semester of developing campaign after campaign,
working in teams and helping each other out,
you can't help but become friends.
I'm so glad I'm stuck with these guys for the rest
of the time I'm in the PR program.

So, since we love each other so much,
we organized a little post-semester get-together.
John, Sarah, Tori, Me, Melanie
First, a few of us met up for dinner at Guru's.
Then we headed over to Muse
and met up with some more PR friends
for the Battle of the Bands
to cheer on two of our classmates,
Kenny and Mason.
Kenny with his band Baldwin Games
Mason with his band Mont Blanc

Mason's band ended up winning!
And the whole night was just so much fun.
After the show, we hung out for a while,
hit up Sammy's for shakes
and ended up back at Sarah's apartment
to reminisce about the past semester
and talk about the future.
The semester was so great and
I'm so glad I met these amazing people.
Can't wait for another semester of PRtying!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Mr. Intern

So I've known about this for a while now,
but didn't want to blog about it until everything was set in stone.
I finally got my first internship!
This summer, I'll be working as the public relations intern
for an awesome new company called...
It's a new internet start-up
based in Salt Lake City that
allows users to review concerts
and covers live music events.

Music + PR?
It couldn't be a more perfect internship for yours truly.

All summer long, I'll be working on the social media
content development, writing press releases
and going to shows and events to promote the company.

The first big thing I get to do for this internship
is go to COACHELLA the weekend after finals!
Yes, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival
in Indio, California.
I am out. of. my. mind. excited about it.
 So many amazing artists I love,
and lots I'm not familiar with, as well.

I'm personally MOST excited to see:
Florence + the Machine
My freaking idol. I might just die.
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
First Aid Kit
Childish Gambino
aka Troy from Community

And I'm also looking forward to huge names like:
Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg
(Not exactly my cup of tea, but c'mon,
it's Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg...)
Bon Iver
The Black Keys
David Guetta
Arctic Monkeys
The Shins

It's going to be insane.
And that's just the beginning.
I feel so lucky and grateful to be spending the summer
doing PR in an industry I am so insanely passionate about.
Here's to an amazing four months!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Place Called Tree Hill

I first sat down to watch One Tree Hill on September 23, 2003. I was a 14-year-old freshman in high school. We'd been assigned in my Honors English class to write an analysis on a drama. This was back when I still expected to grow up to be six feet tall and being an athlete was at the top of my priority list, so I naturally wanted to write about this new show about a high school basketball team. That was nine years ago. I don't actually remember turning in that paper and I don't remember the grade I got on it. But little did I know that sitting down to watch that pilot episode for a school assignment would lead to writing this blog post almost a decade later.

We all know I love TV and I have a number of shows I watch on a regular basis. But I've never loved a show as much as One Tree Hill. It's the only show I've ever watched - and ever anticipate watching - from beginning to end. What started out as a show about two brothers' rivalry on the high school basketball court evolved into a show about the importance of family and friendship and working to make your dreams come true. The stories of Lucas, Peyton, Nathan, Haley, Brooke and all their friends were what resonated me and the roughly one and a half million other people who have stuck with the show to the very end. You saw parts of yourself in each character and in their journeys to becoming their best selves. OTH was never the coolest, edgiest show, and it never tried to be. If anything, it was always an earnest, heartfelt portrayal of growing up and figuring out who you want to be. It always taught that the most important thing in life is having people you love to spend that life with. It was a show that aimed to inspire, motivate and uplift instead of merely push the envelope and entertain. 

The funny thing is that I have so many specific memories associated with the show that I can't even count them all. I distinctly remember my mom taking me to Target to buy the season 1 DVDs (and getting each subsequent season on DVD every single Christmas). Watching the season 4 premiere with Alex, sitting on towels on the floor of the family room because my mom had had the carpets cleaned that day. Graduating from high school the same year the characters did on the show. The 100th episode during Tree Hill Taco Tuesdays at Karly's apartment. Taking a break from packing to sit down and watch it with Alex for the last time before I went into the MTC. Watching the first five seasons with Katie for weeks before I left. And having it be the first thing I had to catch up on once I got home.

The stories and characters of OTH always felt so relatable and accessible to me - no matter what ridiculous things were going on in the show. It was something that helped me through all four years of high school and was the familiar thing I took with me once I got to college. 

A huge part of One Tree Hill was always the music. Without OTH, I wouldn't have Gavin DeGraw Tyler Hilton, Kate Voegele, The Wreckers, Bethany Joy Lenz, Michelle Featherstone, Laura Izibor, Wakey!Wakey!, or even Lupe Fiasco and Fall Out Boy in my music library. And I probably wouldn't be the kid who believes in the power of music to change anything and everything, to make your day infinitely better when you find that perfect song. 

After nine seasons and 187 episodes, the series finale of OTH is tonight. It's a night I've braced myself for season after season and it's finally here. So here's to the end of my favorite show. As Haley says in the preview for the finale tonight: The time we've spent together has meant so much. 

And never forget, there is only One Tree Hill.

PS. Yes I am aware that this post sounds incredibly cheesy and I take this show way too seriously. Just humor me.