Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Show Me The Money

Last weekend, we celebrated Tyler Allan turning the big 2-5.
And to do it in appropriate fashion, we hit up the Provo Nickelcade.
But since it was a birthday party, we couldn't resist getting decked out.
Naturally, I had to wear this:
 The night was filled with
arcade games, races in cars, boats and jetskis,
basketball shootouts, skeeball and laser tag.
But the real challenge of the night came when
we decided to win as many tickets as possible
to give to Tyler as a birthday present.
According to a lady who had won a bajillion tickets
the way to do it was to play The Price Is Right.
The game basically involved shoving nickel after nickel
into a little slot and watch each coin go down a Plinko board.
All luck, very little skill.
But this game got us hooked.
Before we knew it, we had collectively
pumped dollar after dollar into the machine
and even managed to get three bonuses:
two for 100 tickets and one for 90...
At the end of the night, we proudly handed
Tyler a pack of receipts for 3300 tickets
which he quickly used to get a plastic lawn flamingo
and 3300-tickets-worth of candy, 
Tootsie Rolls and plastic rings for everyone. 
Essentially, the Nickelcade is the Provo
equivalent of a Vegas casino.
Lesson learned.

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Coby Gerstner said...

This is my birthday destination. I can't believe you guys won that many tickets - wow!