Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dear Glenn, Welcome to the 21st Century

Well everyone, last weekend a magical thing happened.
I took a quick 48-hour trip down to STG
(post forthcoming)
And while there,
I finally rejoined the 21st century.
Yes ladies and gentlemen,
I got an iPhone.
And I can honestly say
after not even a week,
I can't imagine existing in a pre-iPhone world.
It just makes everything so much easier.
So much more convenient.
So much happier.
So much better.

I don't know how I ever survived without Siri.
Having The New York Times at my fingertips
has helped me accomplish my goal of 
reading the news for an hour every morning.
PR Newswire gives me access to all the major
PR news and blogs.
I never realized how much fun Instagram is.
I've even started Indexing in between 
games of Temple Run and Words With Friends
doing homework and studying for midterms.
I'm literally ready to film a testimonial to be used
in PR campaign for Apple.

Dear iPhone, 
I love you more than just about anything.
Love always,

1 comment:

Suzette Swallow said...

i've had an iphone for forever....and i seriously cannot imagine my life without one....i'm like how the heck did i ever drive anywhere? i practically use my maps for a grocery store outing!! im soooo happy for you!! enjoy!