Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Chelsea!

Photo Credit: Megan Heaps
Today is a very special day.
My very best friend in the whole entire world turns 22 today!
So in honor of this holiday,
here are 22 things I love about Chelsea Wilson:

1. She is hands-down the most talented person I know.
2. She really likes being in charge. Of everything. In a nice way.
3. Everyone is always envious of her hair.
4. She's a Southern Belle at heart.
5. She wrote me every single week of my mission. 
Except for the week she got hit by a car...
6. She's obsessed with her dog Marco.
7. She's in the top musical theatre program in the country. Go Wolverines.
8. Our first stage kiss was with each other for Thoroughly Modern Millie.
9. We're basically real-life adults and we still make each other mixes. On CDs.
10. Broadway is her dream but being an SLS IMT is her life goal.
11. We are 1,641 miles apart but still talk almost every day.
12. She's pretty much a big deal in St. George.
13. This video:
14. She always stands up for what she believes.
15. She is always kind but will still gossip with me. Ha.
16. She is my other half when it comes to music.
17. She believes in making things happen for yourself. (See #2.)
18. She is always down for a game night. 
Hand and Foot, Wacky 6, Boxers or Briefs, you name it.
This picture was taken roughly one million years ago.
19. Her love of all things Alice in Wonderland.
20. She is the perfect listener.
21. She really will change the world. Just you wait.
22. She is the best friend I've ever had.