Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Paint Party 2012

This weekend was one for the record books.
First because I think this was the first three-day weekend in the history
of my college education that I didn't go home!
And the reason I didn't go to STG was this:
The Paint Party has been held in Salt Lake or Provo for 
at least the past few years, but this was the first time I'd ever gone.
This year it was at The Complex in SLC so after pulling together
a completely white outfit, I caravanned up with about 35 friends.
The actual paint fight didn't start until after 11
so we had over two hours to dance/get nearly suffocated by 
3000 sweaty bodies before the real fun started. I'm only half-kidding...
Eventually they started passing out water guns filled with the precious
glow-in-the-dark paint and things eventually broke out into
dance music-fueled, semi-controlled, multicolored pandemonium.
Apparently Julia missed the memo that we were smiling ha
SO happy I got to see this girl for the first time in months.
By 1 in the morning we were absolutely exhausted but starving
so naturally, we waltzed right into Beto's for greasy Mexican food.
By the time we left, some people (or just Mickey) literally had to be carried out...
Charlie horse problems. Drink water, kids!
We finally rolled back into Provo around 3
and didn't go to bed until probably 5:30...
At least my first all-nighter of the semester wasn't doing homework, right?
Talk about a true college experience...

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