Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Fifth Annual Christmas Reunion of The Six

Once again, it's been a month since I've written a post. And also once again, my excuse was that I am waiting for pictures to document my wonderful Christmas break. But basically I'm just the king of inconsistency when it comes to blogging...

In the years since I graduated from high school, one of the things I appreciate more and more about Christmas break is the opportunity it gives me to catch up with friends from home. And my favorite reunion each December is with the rest of The Six.
I met these five amazing people in high school, and during my senior year we all became close friends, thanks largely to the fall musical and Mr. Saxton's advanced theater class. After graduation, Karly, Cami, Taylor and I went off to college and Chelsea and Trent stayed in STG for their senior year. It was during that year that we started the infamous 'Thread', which was a Facebook message that we all posted videos on basically every day about our lives. One day we WILL make a movie out of it.

My freshman year of college was also the first year we had a Christmas reunion and we've done one every year since, in one form or another:
But I know they had one because I've seen it...
It just seems to have disappeared from Facebook/Karly's blog...
This year we were sadly missing Karly, James and Taylor
(and it was also the first year the party wasn't at the Staples' house)
but don't feel TOO bad for them:
Karly and James were enjoying Christmas with James' family in Hawaii
Photo Credit: Karly's blog
And Taylor - or should I say Sister Brown -
is serving a full-time mission in jolly old England
Photo Credit: Taylor's Mission Blog
However, we were also lucky to be joined by Trent's wonderful girlfriend this year:
So the attendance almost balanced itself out...

After hopelessly attempting to coordinate our schedules,
we finally settled on a late night at my 
parents' new house after Chelsea got 
back from skiing in Brianhead and before 
Trent went back to Ogden in the morning. 
As we sat and chatted over Cami's famous no-bake cookies,
I couldn't help but think about how spread out we all are
and how many great things my friends are doing with their lives:
Chelsea is living in Ann Arbor, Michigan
and is a senior in the musical theatre program at UMich.
This semester she's playing the lead in a student production
of the rock musical Next to Normal,
and will be moving to NYC after graduation this spring.
Cami is in her last semester at Point Park University
in Pittsburgh, also studying musical theatre.
Last semester, she directed a one-act play
 by Shel Silverstein called Click.
Right now, she's getting ready for her NY/LA Showcase
and will also be moving to NYC after graduation.
Trent is studying theatre education in Ogden at Weber State
and will be graduating around the same time as me in roughly 2050...
He's been dating Stephanie for 9 months or a year, 
depending on which one you ask... :)
He's also directing another show this semester
and is still teaching after-school at a local elementary school.
Photo Credit: Malea Ellett, Tickled Pink Photography
Taylor left on her mission to Leeds, England in September
and has been out in the field for about 4 months.
She's still in her first area (Durham) with her second companion
and has already had quite a bit of success.
So proud of her.
Photo Credit: Karly's Blog
Karly is living in Newport Beach, CA
working as a video producer for OC Metro Magazine
(and the host of the online daily OC Metro Minute)
The biggest news is that she and James are expecting 
their first GIRL at the end of April!
And I'm living the college life in Provo.

What was supposed to be a quick catch-up session
of course turned into hours and hours of chatting,
reminiscing, watching old DVD's from high school
and laughing till our stomachs hurt.

I'm so grateful for these five people in my life
and the impact they've had on who I am.
One of my New Year's Resolutions is to stay in closer touch with all of them.
But, it's so wonderful to know that no matter how far apart our dreams take us,
our lives will always be connected and we will always have each other.
That's what I call friendship.

Until next year...

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