Monday, December 5, 2011

A Trip Down Extremely Recent Memory Lane

Life seems to be moving at light-speed these days. And with the semester quickly coming to a close (thank goodness), I realized there have been a few things I've neglected to blog about recently. There is just so much constantly going on, I am perpetually behind. But these are things I really don't want to forget, so just enjoy this stroll down (extremely recent) memory lane:
The Sunday before Thanksgiving break, Julia had a bunch of people
over to her incredibly spacious apartment (I'm still trying to figure out why
we don't spend more time there...) for a Thanksgiving Before Thanksgiving
aka Friendsgiving, since we would all be spending the holiday in dozens of places.
You weren't allowed in the door without food in your hands
so we ended up with a gigantic feast that included grilled chicken, ravioli,
casserole, mashed potatoes, WAY too many delectable desserts and so much more.
And of course, there was plenty of picture-taking...
Todd, Tyler
Jake and I
Julia, Michele
Boy Band
Nancy, Emily, Ben and Cory. With Andrew and Mark awkwardly on top of them...
I was really glad I had a chance to celebrate Thanksgiving early with 
this crew because over the past six months, I've never been more 
grateful to have found such good friends here in Provo. 

A few of us also had the chance to go to the Lighting of the Riverwoods 
a couple of weeks ago. Even though it was before Thanksgiving, the event 
was a great way to get a headstart on feeling the Christmas spirit. 
The Riverwoods is one of my favorite places in Provo and all the lights, 
ice sculptures, music and shops made for an especially festive atmosphere.
John Schmidt even came to give a free concert, and of course with all
this Christmas music, we couldn't possibly keep from dancing. This
picture captures it kind of perfectly.

And finally...
Some pictures from the camping trip we took up Provo Canyon
way back in September were recently discovered and I
can't resist posting some of them...
We all look so tan! And strangely younger, even though it was only 3 months ago...
And now that this novel-of-a-post is finished...
It's on to the next adventure!
The perfect college experience? Yep, definitely having it.

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