Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanksgiving Highlights

Again, I managed to forget my camera in Provo, so I don't have a single picture from Thanksgiving
But here are some of the things I definitely don't want to forget from the holiday:
  • Pie Night. My favorite part of Thanksgiving. 31 pies for dinner the night before Thanksgiving...
  • Specifically sour cream apple pie.
  • Homemade gnocchi. My favorite food on the face of this planet.
  • Ruining my sweater/jeans/shirt when the above-mentioned gnocchi exploded all over me.
  • Ruining my phone in the washing machine.
  • Thankfully, all the sauce came out....
  • Watching Memphis: The Musical after Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Santa's Workshop at the Dixie Center.
  • Meeting President and Sister Uchtdorf at Santa's Workshop...Crazy!
  • Durango's. Durango's. Durango's.
  • Cuddling with Sierra and Buddy every time I sat down.
  • Watching my grandpa hopelessly try to lead the discussion about next summer's family reunion.
  • Electing chairmen and sub-committees for said family reunion. It was very serious.
  • Singing along with the rest of the theater during "Rainbow Connection."
  • Getting to spend the afternoon with Monkey.
  • Drink runs with Shelley and Gramma.
  • Mom's birthday!
  • Dad's homemade ice cream.
  • Christmas lights at the temple.
  • The welcome home I got when I got back to 91.

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