Thursday, November 10, 2011


A couple weeks ago, Emily and I drove up to SLC
for the Parachute & Kate Voegele concert at In The Venue.
Despite being stuck in traffic for roughly 5 centuries, we were able to 
only miss the opening band. Thankfully, we had Sweet Tooth Fairy
to keep us satisfied on the way up...
(The entire concert, I was basically incapable of
making any faces other than this...)
This show was a dream come true for me.
After all, what are the chances that two of your favorite artists will ever
go on tour together???
I had missed the chance to see Parachute several times
over the summer - I even almost drove all the way to Zion's
with my dad to see them in July.
AND, I also missed Kate Voegele over the summer 
on Natasha Bedingfield's Less is More Tour.
SO, when I found out they were planning their joint ParaKate tour,
(Thank you Twitter...)
I knew I had to go.
We showed up right in time for Kate's set.
I've loved Kate and her music ever since I discovered her back in 2007.
(I'd actually done an entire post on her on my music blog the week before,
as part of my 20 Artists You Need to Know series 
check it out here.)
So even though not too many people in the crowd seemed
familiar with her music
you know I was singing along 
at the top of my lungs
in heaven.
Her set was awesome.
Since she obviously planned it just for me,
it happened to include most of my favorite songs.
She also played a cover of "The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars,
a amazing new song of hers called "Blue Sky Beautiful"
and closed with an awesome rock cover of Britney Spears' "Till The World Ends."
Then Parachute was up.
And as much as I love Kate,
there was absolutely no comparison.
From the second they started playing,
the room was filled with electricity.
Singing along at the top of our lungs.
The energy level never calmed down.
I told my parents the next day that Parachute's albums
just aren't ever going to cut it for me anymore.
They were THAT amazing live.
In between the sets, we bought t-shirts.
(I have this rule where I have to buy a shirt at every concert I go to...
when I'm old my wife can make a blanket or something...)
And, because I bought a KV shirt, we scored exclusive wristbands
for the meet-and-greet with her after the show.
I was speechless.
And probably almost passed out.
I was amazed at how tiny and beautiful and sweet she was.
Seriously, you have no reason to thank me 5 times for coming to YOUR concert.
She signed my shirt.
And even initiated a hug goodbye.
I drove home in complete bliss.
Babbling on and on and on.
Poor Em could hardly get a word in...
Nothing beats an amazing live show.

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