Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October Adventures

There has been so much lately that I've been wanting to blog about, 
but I'm getting a little behind.
So, with it being the end of the month
I've decided to do a consolidated post about all the adventures I've been up to lately...

After the locksmith debacle last Saturday
I was not in the biggest party mood
But the Crew managed to convince me it was a good idea to go out and have some fun.
So, a bunch of us drove up to Thanksgiving Point to the
I had never been to Cornbelly's before and it was a ton of fun!
They had 2 different corn mazes constructed - one haunted, one normal -
a rock climbing wall, giant trampolines and several other 'haunted attractions'
(We went through all of them. 
The clown-themed one was definitely not my favorite...)
We split into teams to race through the corn maze
Ben, Emily, Boyd and I won.
The other teams claimed we cheated by going around the outside of the maze
We're pretty sure they were just mad because they didn't think outside the box...

Then we found this guy and obviously had to snap a pic with him
 We never did figure out if he worked there or was just
wandering around dressed like that...
The night ended with a spontaneous
dance party in this pumpkin patch to
"Black or White" by Michael Jackson
You never know when a dance party's going to happen
with this crew around...

The next day after church, we drove up Hobble Creek Canyon to Kelly's Grove
to take some "family pictures."
Here are a few of my favorites:
(I think it's safe to say I've mastered the art of posing on a swing)
(Huckleberry Finn-style)
However, the fun managed to take a turn for the worse
towards the end of our photo shoot.
I don't know whose genius idea it was but
Managed to turn into this:
And before I knew what was happening, my knee decided to pop out of place.
SO, I got to end up on these for the next few days:
Long story short, I'm never doing a pyramid again.

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