Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I Won't Grow Up

Spending as much time as I do with these crazies
you never really know what's going to happen next.
For example.
Last week, Mickey and I decided to build a fort
in the living room.
We pretty much became a tornado of creativity...
flipping tables on their sides,
hijacking two apartments' worth of blankets
and using a mess of duct tape, golf clubs, books and 20 lb. weights
to construct the most epic fort you've ever seen.
We dragged mattresses out of bedrooms,
managed to incorporate the TV into the fort
and the end product was the coolest thing
I've ever built with my two hands
watched Mickey build while handing him duct tape.
Prepare to be amazed...
Then, our "build a fort" goal turned into a three-day sleepover...
We watched plenty of this:
Played enough of this to satisfy the rest of my life:
(and by 'played' I really mean Glenn ran around and died while everyone else played...
I don't do video games...)
And ate way too much of this:
After three days, we finally - and sadly - knocked it down.
Sometimes the best thing to do is to live in a blanket fort
and just act like kids again...
Mission accomplished. 

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