Friday, November 11, 2011

All Hallows' Eve

After the Parachute concert, 
the Halloween festivities officially began.
This year was the first year I'd been home for the holiday since 2007...
I went into the MTC two days before Halloween in '08.
and didn't get home until the beginning of November in 2010.
So, after three years of dressing up as a missionary, I was determined to celebrate.

As it turns out, I ended up celebrating mostly 
during the weekend before Halloween.
Once we drove home, Emily and I met up with 
a bunch of friends at the Alpine dance party.
Alpine is a little notorious for throwing epically raging parties.
To be honest, I don't really know how Karly managed 
to live there as long as she did with all the craziness...
The party was definitely fun.
But I'm pretty sure we were by far the 
most-clothed people in the whole shin-dig.
Another reason I was glad to be with a big group
was because we were also the only people in
the whole party who weren't there to dance dirty...
Keep it clean people!
But we made our own fun and ended up having a great time.
(Dysfunctional Couple of the Year Award goes to Michele and Caleb!
Her shirt says "All I Wanted Was a Backrub"...)

The next night, the party kept going
and we went to a house party on University.
Despite my excitement over this year's Halloween
I ended up procrastinating on finding a costume.
So I ended up throwing on a cowboy hat and owned my last-minute costume.
The house party was much less crowded and 
much less dirty than the night before.
Since it was outside, it was also much more freezing.
But I managed.
 I swore after two years in Canada,
I would never complain about the cold in Provo again...
For the record, I'm really trying...
And with this post, October is officially over.

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Tyler + Whitney said...

Glenn Bear, what a fun Halloween!