Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I went home to sunny St. George for Thanksgiving.
And unfortunately forgot my camera back in the 801
and have no pictures to show for it.
I really love this time of year.
It's always beneficial to sit back and take stock of
how much you have to be grateful for.

November marked one year since I came home from my mission.
In a lot of ways, it's been completely different than I ever thought it would be.
But that's kind of what life is, right?
The past year has been filled with
highs and lows, successes and triumphs,
obstacles and challenges, hellos and goodbyes
and in the end, I re-learned what seems to be a constant lesson in my life:

You never know what's coming next.

I didn't do the blog challenge I've seen a lot of people do this month -
blogging every single day about something you're grateful for -
so I wanted to take this time at the end of the month to remind myself
I have so much more than 30 days' worth of things to be grateful for...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I Won't Grow Up

Spending as much time as I do with these crazies
you never really know what's going to happen next.
For example.
Last week, Mickey and I decided to build a fort
in the living room.
We pretty much became a tornado of creativity...
flipping tables on their sides,
hijacking two apartments' worth of blankets
and using a mess of duct tape, golf clubs, books and 20 lb. weights
to construct the most epic fort you've ever seen.
We dragged mattresses out of bedrooms,
managed to incorporate the TV into the fort
and the end product was the coolest thing
I've ever built with my two hands
watched Mickey build while handing him duct tape.
Prepare to be amazed...
Then, our "build a fort" goal turned into a three-day sleepover...
We watched plenty of this:
Played enough of this to satisfy the rest of my life:
(and by 'played' I really mean Glenn ran around and died while everyone else played...
I don't do video games...)
And ate way too much of this:
After three days, we finally - and sadly - knocked it down.
Sometimes the best thing to do is to live in a blanket fort
and just act like kids again...
Mission accomplished. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

All Hallows' Eve

After the Parachute concert, 
the Halloween festivities officially began.
This year was the first year I'd been home for the holiday since 2007...
I went into the MTC two days before Halloween in '08.
and didn't get home until the beginning of November in 2010.
So, after three years of dressing up as a missionary, I was determined to celebrate.

As it turns out, I ended up celebrating mostly 
during the weekend before Halloween.
Once we drove home, Emily and I met up with 
a bunch of friends at the Alpine dance party.
Alpine is a little notorious for throwing epically raging parties.
To be honest, I don't really know how Karly managed 
to live there as long as she did with all the craziness...
The party was definitely fun.
But I'm pretty sure we were by far the 
most-clothed people in the whole shin-dig.
Another reason I was glad to be with a big group
was because we were also the only people in
the whole party who weren't there to dance dirty...
Keep it clean people!
But we made our own fun and ended up having a great time.
(Dysfunctional Couple of the Year Award goes to Michele and Caleb!
Her shirt says "All I Wanted Was a Backrub"...)

The next night, the party kept going
and we went to a house party on University.
Despite my excitement over this year's Halloween
I ended up procrastinating on finding a costume.
So I ended up throwing on a cowboy hat and owned my last-minute costume.
The house party was much less crowded and 
much less dirty than the night before.
Since it was outside, it was also much more freezing.
But I managed.
 I swore after two years in Canada,
I would never complain about the cold in Provo again...
For the record, I'm really trying...
And with this post, October is officially over.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


A couple weeks ago, Emily and I drove up to SLC
for the Parachute & Kate Voegele concert at In The Venue.
Despite being stuck in traffic for roughly 5 centuries, we were able to 
only miss the opening band. Thankfully, we had Sweet Tooth Fairy
to keep us satisfied on the way up...
(The entire concert, I was basically incapable of
making any faces other than this...)
This show was a dream come true for me.
After all, what are the chances that two of your favorite artists will ever
go on tour together???
I had missed the chance to see Parachute several times
over the summer - I even almost drove all the way to Zion's
with my dad to see them in July.
AND, I also missed Kate Voegele over the summer 
on Natasha Bedingfield's Less is More Tour.
SO, when I found out they were planning their joint ParaKate tour,
(Thank you Twitter...)
I knew I had to go.
We showed up right in time for Kate's set.
I've loved Kate and her music ever since I discovered her back in 2007.
(I'd actually done an entire post on her on my music blog the week before,
as part of my 20 Artists You Need to Know series 
check it out here.)
So even though not too many people in the crowd seemed
familiar with her music
you know I was singing along 
at the top of my lungs
in heaven.
Her set was awesome.
Since she obviously planned it just for me,
it happened to include most of my favorite songs.
She also played a cover of "The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars,
a amazing new song of hers called "Blue Sky Beautiful"
and closed with an awesome rock cover of Britney Spears' "Till The World Ends."
Then Parachute was up.
And as much as I love Kate,
there was absolutely no comparison.
From the second they started playing,
the room was filled with electricity.
Singing along at the top of our lungs.
The energy level never calmed down.
I told my parents the next day that Parachute's albums
just aren't ever going to cut it for me anymore.
They were THAT amazing live.
In between the sets, we bought t-shirts.
(I have this rule where I have to buy a shirt at every concert I go to...
when I'm old my wife can make a blanket or something...)
And, because I bought a KV shirt, we scored exclusive wristbands
for the meet-and-greet with her after the show.
I was speechless.
And probably almost passed out.
I was amazed at how tiny and beautiful and sweet she was.
Seriously, you have no reason to thank me 5 times for coming to YOUR concert.
She signed my shirt.
And even initiated a hug goodbye.
I drove home in complete bliss.
Babbling on and on and on.
Poor Em could hardly get a word in...
Nothing beats an amazing live show.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Mickey

I've been waiting for a couple weeks to write this post
because I didn't have any pictures and we all know how much fun
it is to read picture-less posts...
But they finally got put on FB, so here we go!
Two weeks ago it was Mickey's birthday.
He turned 27
He'll tell you he turned 24 but he's clearly lying...
Normally, Mickey says he doesn't care at all about his birthday.
"It's just another day" is his yearly excuse.
But since he has a particular friend who loves birthdays
more than anything on the face of this planet,
his friend forced him to celebrate all day long
and the Crew threw an awesome party.

Heres how you can throw an awesome party in 7 easy steps!

Because wearing a crown obviously makes your birthday better...
Plus you can walk around and make everyone bow to you.

Because it's never fun to throw a birthday party for yourself.
Luckily, with this group that's never really an option.

Every good party needs a theme.
As seen in the above picture,
this particular party's theme was "Festive Balloons and Streamers"
Emily was the self-appointed Decorations Committee Chairperson

One of the whole reasons birthdays were invented
was to eat cake.
The cake should also be decorate to reflect
the interests of the birthday king/queen.
Hence the snowboarder.
Julia was an expert Cake Creator.

This step is essential.
The song needs to be as off-key and loud as humanly possible.
And when you blow out the candles, never reveal your wish.
Under any circumstances.

Birthday kisses were a long-standing tradition
 enjoyed by our ward during Spring/Summer.
Everyone got them.
Everyone gave them.
But apparently this tradition is something many of the
new additions to the ward since Fall started
don't seem to support....
Luckily Mickey still got a few from the old-timers...

In order for the party to be a smashing success,
the pinata either needs to be REALLY cool
or REALLY embarrassing.
All I could find was Spongebob
and a Disney Princess Castle.
Naturally, I went with the Disney Princess Castle.
Another important pinata rule is that it needs to be filled
to the brim with the birthday boy/girl's favorite candy.
In this case, peanut butter M&Ms.
A note to future party-throwers:
Have the birthday boy/girl swing AWAY from the crowd.
Mild to severe candy-related injuries
will be avoided that way.
And for those of you wondering, 
yes that is my crutch in Mickey's hand.

Happy Birthday Troy

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October Adventures

There has been so much lately that I've been wanting to blog about, 
but I'm getting a little behind.
So, with it being the end of the month
I've decided to do a consolidated post about all the adventures I've been up to lately...

After the locksmith debacle last Saturday
I was not in the biggest party mood
But the Crew managed to convince me it was a good idea to go out and have some fun.
So, a bunch of us drove up to Thanksgiving Point to the
I had never been to Cornbelly's before and it was a ton of fun!
They had 2 different corn mazes constructed - one haunted, one normal -
a rock climbing wall, giant trampolines and several other 'haunted attractions'
(We went through all of them. 
The clown-themed one was definitely not my favorite...)
We split into teams to race through the corn maze
Ben, Emily, Boyd and I won.
The other teams claimed we cheated by going around the outside of the maze
We're pretty sure they were just mad because they didn't think outside the box...

Then we found this guy and obviously had to snap a pic with him
 We never did figure out if he worked there or was just
wandering around dressed like that...
The night ended with a spontaneous
dance party in this pumpkin patch to
"Black or White" by Michael Jackson
You never know when a dance party's going to happen
with this crew around...

The next day after church, we drove up Hobble Creek Canyon to Kelly's Grove
to take some "family pictures."
Here are a few of my favorites:
(I think it's safe to say I've mastered the art of posing on a swing)
(Huckleberry Finn-style)
However, the fun managed to take a turn for the worse
towards the end of our photo shoot.
I don't know whose genius idea it was but
Managed to turn into this:
And before I knew what was happening, my knee decided to pop out of place.
SO, I got to end up on these for the next few days:
Long story short, I'm never doing a pyramid again.