Monday, October 17, 2011

Tweety Birds

Over the past few months, I've managed to develop a full-blown,
unabashed addiction/obsession with Twitter.
I first signed up for an account in December, about 6 weeks after coming home from my mission.
At first,  I barely ever used it.
But around the beginning of summer, Twitter Fever hit
and I jumped in feet first.
Then, the recruiting process started and more and more of my friends started tweeting.
Now it's pretty much a prerequisite to initiation into the group: get a Twitter.
 (Look! Someone found the Twitter bird!)
Half my tweets are in code.
Half are random observations about life.
I actually catch myself thinking in hashtags.
I can't wait to have a smartphone again so I can start Twitpic-ing
the 25 things a day I see and think to myself "I really wish I could post that to Twitter..."
It's clearly a really healthy relationship.
But until then...
In the meantime, follow me on Twitter by clicking on the link below!
Prepare to be entertained. Or just confused.

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