Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sister Missionaries

Once again, I find myself up early in the morning, feeling like I need to catch up on my blog. It's been six weeks since my last post...One of these days, I will get back into the blogging groove.

Instead of doing another insanely long catch-up post, I'm just going to do a bunch of posts about the most important highlights from Sept. 2 - Oct. 15. Yeah, we'll see how that goes...

One thing I've learned over the past several years is that saying goodbye to people is just a part of life.
It's never fun, and I never handle it super well.
But I'm learning ha.
Last month, I had to do it twice, to two very special girls.
The first was Miss Taylor Brown.
As most of you probably know, Taylor was my very best friend throughout high school.
From 2005-2007, Tay and I did pretty much everything together,
(including roughly 1,000,000 hours of restitution for all the times we ditched class...)
As 1/3 of The Six, we've always had a unique bond.
And ever since we graduated nearly five years ago,
our friendship has stood the tests of time, distance, my mission, and even a couple rough patches.
She's the only person in the world who can call me Glenny Poo and get away with it...

Way back in March, after swearing me to complete secrecy, she told me she was getting promptings to start her papers and go on a mission.
I was all for the idea,
and a couple months later,
she was called to the England Leeds Mission!

Tay reported to the Preston, England MTC on September 14
and, as of last week,
got to her very first area called Sunderland.
You can read all about her experiences at

This is Kelsie Wadsworth.

Kelsie and I met in May, a few weeks after I moved to King Henry. From the day we met, Kelsie and I just clicked. I actually remember it really distinctly: I had spent my birthday weekend in STG, and I drove back to Provo on Sunday night. With my birthday crown my mom so lovingly picked out for me still obviously on my head, I walked into my apartment to find half my ward congregated in my living room. After a loud, surprise rendition of Happy Birthday from this group of people I barely knew at the time, I ended up sitting on a couch, crown still firmly in place, next to this girl who introduced herself as Kelsie...Next thing I knew, we had been talking for over an hour.

The rest was pretty much history, but needless to say we got really really close over the course of the summer. (This girl even got me to hike the Y - something that is now completely, utterly crossed off my bucket list, never to be done again...) When she told me she wanted to go on a mission, I was excited for her, but assumed she wouldn't be leaving for several months like most other missionaries. Little did I know Heavenly Father had other plans in mind...

Kelsie opened her call the first weekend of September. She was called to the Arizona Tempe Mission - Spanish Speaking! But there was more - she had to report to the MTC in 2.5 weeks. So, two weeks later, her family flew out from Ohio for her farewell and our friends turned out in droves to say goodbye to her.
There were so many of us at the open house afterwards, that the easiest place to take a picture was on the balcony, while the camera guy stood on the golf course that backed onto the house!
(I don't know why someone felt it was necessary to take this picture, but since it's on FB, I'm using it...)
Hermana Wadsworth is currently in the Provo MTC just a few blocks away. I never thought I'd be as excited to get a letter from a missionary as I was this week when her first letter showed up in the mail.

I'm so proud of Taylor and Kelsie for choosing to sacrifice 18 months of their lives to share this wonderful gospel with others. When I count my blessings, I count both of these girls twice.
To find out more about what they are teaching people in England and Arizona, visit

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