Friday, September 2, 2011

What I Learned in School This Week

The first week of school is officially over.
My class schedule this semester is pretty diverse.
I'm taking:
Book of Mormon
Doctrine & Covenants
Principles of Accounting
American Heritage (finally...)
Intro to Archaeology

I know, random. 
But with it being my "dead semester" while I apply to my program, 
I don't have any Communications classes to take.

It's led to some pretty diverse tidbits of knowledge 
being stored in my brain over the past 5 days
such as:

Processual vs. Post-processual archaeological theory
Korihor's epistemologies
Managerial accounting vs. financial accounting
How to read balance sheets,  income statements, and cash flow statements
The definitions of retained earnings, accrued liabilities and accounts receivable/payable
How to best find a balance in the Human Predicament:
Libertarianism, Classical Republicanism, Autocracy or Liberalism

And it's only the first week. 
It's going to be an interesting semester...

Testosteronefest '11

Last weekend, with it being the last official weekend of summer, a few friends and I decided to help it go out with a bang. So, Mickey, Todd, Emily and I packed up a van and roadtripped to Jackson Hole, Wyo. for some camping and whitewater rafting - officially named Testosteronefest '11.
No, I'm not joking. I know what everyone reading this is probably thinking:
There is no way Glenn would ever do that.
Glenn hates camping.
He hates it more than anything.
And I will concur that you are correct.
My mom's response when I told her what we were doing was 
"Honey, do these people actually know you?"

But after a bit of convincing, I found myself sitting in the back of the van wondering what I was getting myself into...
The first stop on the trip was Preson, Ida. to pick up Christopher at his parents' farm. 
Then it was on to Jackson.
We camped at a campground called Station Creek right next to the Snake River. Since it was just starting to get dark when we arrived, we quickly set up camp and spent the rest of the night around the fire. Smores, deep life talks, and plenty of picture-taking.
The next morning, bright and early, we made breakfast and then got the boat ready to do some rafting.
(I looked really cool in those sunglasses, right?)
Once we got to the river, I quickly realized how freezing cold it was!
(I'm talking Tahoe-level ice-water, people...)
But before I could give it a second thought, we launched the boat, jumped in, and were off.
We were (obviously) only able to take pictures on the boat during relatively
quiet sections of the river, but three hours on a river led to some maximum bonding time,
more deep life talks, and rafting lessons courtesy of Todd
(always approach a rapid sideways until the last second, and aim for the tongue.
See? I totally know what I'm talking about...)
I have to admit, I was a little surprised by how peaceful being out on the river was.
I've never been one to really appreciate nature all that much, so it shocked me when I
realized that I actually really, REALLY liked floating down that river enjoying everything around me.
On the second day, our friend Jarrett joined us, and it was an epic repeat of the first, except that by then we were old pros at this rafting thing, so we all took turns at the oars. The river was also challenging us a bit more the second day, with bigger rapids, less sunshine, and - in our last 10 mins on the river - a thunderstorm.
(clearly, you can tell by my tongue that I was concentrating SUPER hard)
After trying to wait out the rain (and hail) for a good 45 minutes, we decided it probably wasn't going to let up and headed home with Mumford and Sons and Nickel Creek blasting the whole way there.
Great trip, great friends, great memories, goodbye summer...