Saturday, August 13, 2011

Provo Summer Nights

Last week was a week I had been waiting for all summer: my best friend Chelsea came up to visit me!
I have to brag about her for just one second. Miss Chelsea is studying Musical Theater at the prestigious University of Michigan, and this summer she had the amazing opportunity to perform two shows in St. Louis here:
The MUNY is the country's oldest and largest outdoor musical theater. It seats about 12,500 people.
For 2 months, Chels performed in front of thousands and thousands of people (that's her on the far left) in Singin' in the Rain and Kiss Me, Kate, earning the big bucks AND her Actor's Equity card. She's pretty much a star. However, after the last show closed, I was glad to have her back in Utah for a while.

Originally she was only supposed to stay for a few days, but for some odd reason, her drive home just kept getting postponed...whoops. :) The week was filled with midnight movies, cookie dough, breakfast at Kneaders, late night runs to the hospital (for food...) and way too many games of my new favorite card game Hand and Foot.

Last Friday night, we went to the Joshua James Rooftop Concert downtown.
me, Elisabeth, Zac, Chelsea, Jenny, Mac

The Rooftop Concert Series is one of my favorite things about summer in Provo. On the first Friday of every month, there's a free concert on the roof of this big parking garage downtown. It always attracts hundreds of people and is such a fun event each month.
With my three best friends who ALL happen to live in Michigan. What are the chances? The connections between the four of us are crazy.
Chelsea and I: best friends from high school.
Chelsea and Elisabeth: roommates at U of Mich.
Zac and I: roommates in Provo.
Zac and Elisabeth: both lived in Japan and went to the American School in Japan (at different times).
Elisabeth and I: Hit it off since she's been at BYU for the summer as a visiting student. From the second Chelsea introduced us, Elisabeth and I have become best friends. Poor Chels has created a monster.
Chelsea and Zac: epic Hand and Foot partners, they managed to beat Elisabeth and I every round for three nights. I may have created a monster myself...

The four of us spent the majority of the week together and I absolutely loved it. I am going to miss these three like crazy when they all go back to the Midwest next month. 
Chelsi, Ashlyanna, me, Julia, Stephanie, Marianne

Then, this weekend, there was a giant end-of-summer party for my ward thrown by my girls in Apt. 77 - otherwise known as Babe Heaven. Despite feeling under the weather, I stopped by for a few minutes to snap a pic with the ladies. These girls are definitely some of my favorite people ever.
I swear I have the best ward in all of Provo. I am really going to miss the friends moving out of my ward - Babe Heaven included - but am glad for all the people who are sticking around for Fall/Winter. I have a feeling it's going to be a blast.

With summer dwindling to a close, I'm excited for school to get started but have to admit I will miss these Provo summer nights!

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