Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Ok first off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND
having Thanksgiving up here with a member fam from
California, so that will be good :) I do only check my email
once a week every Wednesday, just so you know. Let's
see...I got Sister Boyack's letter, I love her! I never
did get Sheri's letter, but maybe they forwarded it to
the mission office or something. But I did open my inbox
today with a bazillion emails ha, so I'm trying to
remember everything to answer. We have dinner appts almost
every night. Those have been sometimes amazing, sometimes
terrifying. On Saturday we ate dinner at a members house,
they were both environmental scientists... We had lettuce
and tomato salad with orange juice/softboiled egg dressing.
Yes. With salmon (Thank goodness) and this weird squash
stuff that tasted literally like vomit. I almost died ha.
Like really I was praying so freaking hard. Other times
it's really good, but either way I love teaching the
members. I'm staying warm and driving is going good.
Except for my wonderful sense of direction ha. This will
surprise none of you but my companion said to me today
"Elder Rowley you have the most fascinating mind. You
can remember names and faces better than anyone I've
ever met but you never have any idea where you are."
haha. Ft. McMurray is a very confusing town. And it's
all so different from St. George like I can't even tell
you. Just complete opposite of everything I'm used to
ha. Oh and the boys need to set up email accounts ASAP. ALEX
GOT HIS LICENSE!!! AHH! Have fun Al!

This week has been crazy. WE are so BUSY as missionaries.
Since we are both brand new, we knew NO ONE when we got here
so have had to meet all the ward leaders this week and
remember who is who ha. The members are awesome. They are
definitely in the minority even moreso than in Carson I
think, so the active members are all very strong. However
there are 3 inactive or less active houses for every active
one here in Ft. Mac. So there is definitely a ton of work to
be done with the less actives. We are teaching tons.
Teaching is definitely really fun. We actually have a
baptism this saturday for Ashley, the girl who the old
missionaries were working with! I'm excited.

Fort Mac is so incredibly diverse, I was honestly shocked.
For example, out of all the investigators we found and
taught this week, Ashley is the only Canadian and her native
language is French. Here are some of the other

Shadrac: We went to Shadrac's house looking for a
former investigator who had moved, but Shadrac invited us in
and let us teach him and his roommates - Ayom and John. They
are from Sudan, how sweet right? At first Shadrac was a
little cautious to talk to us but then something way funny
happened and Dani you will get a kick out of this: We went
downstairs where his roommates were and they were playing
music on their laptop. The song that was on was Sim Simma by
I think Shabba Ranks but I'm not sure ha. Anyways,
it's this way black reggaeton song that Brent gave me
last year, not something you think I would listen to, and I
guess I was kind of singing along with the song and Shadrac
stopped and looked at me and was like "You know this
song brotha?" And I was like "Oh yeah I love this
song!" to which he replied "Well then you teach me
whatever you want and I will listen." Apparently it
made me legit haha. So we taught him the Plan of Salvation
and a return appt. It was good for me because he kind of
focused on me the majority of the time so I taught alot of
the lesson. Oh the things that open doors ha.

Sean: We street contacted sean last week outside the city
building. He is from South Korea and he's been in Fort
McMurray for a couple of months. And sadly, he actually
moves back to Seoul on Friday because his visa expires, but
here is the story. His English is...ok but there was
definitely a communication barrier at first. We met with him
last Friday at the library and taught him about the
Restoration. He was totally receptive and said he had been
looking for a true religion in his life for years but had
never found what he felt was exactly right. But that he knew
this was right. He said that during our very first
discussion! So he committed to come to church and he came
and he loved it. On Sunday it was amazing because he asked
the member who gave him a ride on the way over if there were
any other Asians who went to the Church, and there are
definitely not. But at 10:00 a couple of guys from South
Korea, a member and a nonmember friend he brought, walked
into the chapel. How amazing right? Apparently Jason, the
member had moved here a couple weeks ago and just decided to
stop by the church to see what time sacrament was. It was
totally an answer to prayer. They totally connected with
Sean and it made him feel so comfortable. He loved Church
and we taught him on Monday and Tuesday. Yesterday I
committed him to baptism and he said he will find the
missionaries the second he gets to Korea to prepare to be
baptized. When he prays its seriously so amazing because he
has these really simple heartfelt prays that are so sincere.
In just one week he has been converted and yesterday he said
to us that he wishes he wasnt going back to Korea because
now hes found what hes been looking for. He stays up late
reading the Book of Mormon and says he brings it everywhere
he goes.

We also have a few other investigators, Mark from Poland,
Yvonne from Nigeria (I think), Javier from Peru who we are
committing to baptism this week, Tommy from S. Korea, and
Chaitee from India. Those are the main ones right now. But
it is seriously such a blast. We had 4 investigators at
church on Sunday. The work is definitely progressing and we
are working really hard. Heavenly Father is blessing us so
much in our work every day. I wish I could tell you every
single detail but I'm out of time. I love you all. The
church is true.


Elder Rowley

D&C 46: 40-43 (I think. I dont have my scriptures but
it starts with 'And this is the gospel...")


PSS. Mom will you start forward these to Mr. Saxton and
Mrs. Snow, please? And Ms. Stucki, thank you! Oh and to & They were my
MTC teachers.

PSSS. Dani are you alive ha?

PSSSS. No, I havent gotten a package yet but I'm sure
it's coming. Thank you :) ILYE

I wish I could email everyone seperately but I just
don't have enough time. I'm writing letters today
though to everyone. Sorry boys you didnt get your letters, I
will rewrite them.

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