Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Busy Week!

Hi!! It's been such a busy week. Ok first though, I got
a letter from one of the sisters in my MTC District who said
the letters to the boys and the Arvizus came back to the MTC
the day I left for Canada because I once again forgot to put
stamps on the envelopes. Sorry! Im so scatterbrained. But I
will write them again today. Promise.

And Mom and Dad, the package from you was waiting for me
last Wednesday when I got home from emailing you! Thank you
thank you thank you! The presents are all lined up right
under the tree Gramma sent. :)

Ok so, as the title of my email suggests, it has been a
total week of firsts here in Fort McMurray. One of the
coolest things was that I saw the Northern Lights for the
first time this week! Seriously they were the most beautiful
thing ever. None of the pics I got did them justice in real
life. Another first was that we had to plug the car in
overnight for the first time so it would start in the
morning. Yeah.

One of the most interesting and unique phenomenons that
happened to me this week was that I felt the inside of my
nose freeze. Yes. It's so cold that when you take a
breath through your nose, your nose hairs freeze. It's
seriously the weirdest feeling in the world.

We did a bunch of service last Saturday for a couple
less-active/part-member families in the wards. One of them
involved hanging drywall on a ceiling. To start off with,
you all probably know that I had absolutely no idea what
drywall looked like, nor did I know how heavy it was to put
on a ceiling haha. And keep in mind that its of course
freezing cold in this trailer addition because theres
obviously no heater. So Elder Tengelsen, Bro. Keyworth, and
I put up the first 5 ft piece and I'm like "OK that
wasn't too bad..." And then we get to this 12 ft
piece of drywall thats like 110 lbs. And here's the
funny part. Because I'm so short I obviously
couldn't reach the ceiling, so I had a little stool but
even with the stool I still wasn't tall enough, so I was
on my very tip toes to reach the ceiling. So we get it up
and I'm like "Oh this is a lot freaking
harder..." And then Brother Keyworth realizes he left
the drill on the other end of the trailer, so he's like
"Elder Rowley can you hold onto this?" And I say
yes because what else am I supposed to say?? And Elder
Tengelsen is trying to work on a corner or something,
I'm basically holding this huge thing of drywall up to
the ceiling by myself. On a stool, on my tiptoes. Just
imagine that for a second. I felt like Atlas. Seriously. The
next morning it honestly felt like I had gotten run over by
a truck ha.

Um yesterday, the HIGH was -34 celsius. I'm not sure
what that is in F, (I do know they meet at -40) but for the
first time the question realistically crossed my mind that
it might be possible for a human to actually freeze to
death. We can't stay outside for very long because we
can get frostbite. I'm so grateful I have the Lord's
protection because I completely know that I would not be
able to do this without Him constantly watching over me.
I've really noticed so many changes in myself already.
This week in companionship inventory Elder Tengelsen said he
admires that I never complain especially since I apparently
look so miserable. I honestly hadn't even thought of it
before he said anything. But Heavenly Father is keeping my
mind at peace and I'm not even THINKING negatively, much
less saying anything.

As far as teaching, this week has been more difficult than
the past 2 because we lost both of our main investigators,
Ashley and Sean, and it's been an uphill battle finding
new people to teach. One thing I'm working at overcoming
is how much I don't like tracting. It's so weird but
I get so nervous and stumble over my words whenever someone
answers the door. It's just something I don't like
to do, but I think I will get better with practice.

We found a man named Wenceslao this week. He is from
Guatemala and he was going back there Tuesday (yesterday),
which seems to be a reccuring pattern here ha, but he let us
in right away and wanted us to teach him. The most immediate
problem was that Wenceslao didn't speak any English. My
first thought was "Evelyn would be so mad at me right
now for not knowing the lessons in Spanish." haha. But
We got through a rough lesson on the Book of Mormon in
Spanish and set a return appt where we could bring a Spanish
speaking member. The return lesson went so well and
Wenceslao said he wanted to meet missionaries when he got
home. He said the Book of Mormon made total sense and that
the other churches didnt believe in it because they just
didn't know about it. :) It's amazing to see people
so prepared for the gospel.

All the other people we've taught have only been first
lessons so there's nothing much else to report. Oh
except one thing we are doing this month is called Living
Christmas Cards. It's so fun and I get to sing!! Members
refer their friends and we go over with a plate of cookies,
a Joy to the World DVD, and sing them a carol and read a
scripture. So far, they've been a smash with the members
and we are getting referrals left and right.

Mom, could you send me some stuff when you have time? I
could really use my Brooke White T-Shirt, another sweatshirt
of mine, and another pair of pj pants. Just whenever you
have time to send them.

I love you all and I'm so sorry I've been lax on
letter but I promise I will send some today.


Elder Rowley

"What is impossible for you is possible with God's
help in His service."
President Eyring

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