Thursday, November 13, 2008

Letter #2

Ok I sent you a few letters with a bunch of pictures
yesterday so i will do my best not to repeat myself.
It's been a very busy week. It's weird that I've
only been here for two weeks because it feels like I've
been in the MTC forever. We are learning and teaching the
2nd lesson. The Plan of Salvation is much more complicated
to teach, to me, than the Restoration. I think that's
because almost everything we say can possibly open a huge
can of worms for investigators haha. Teaching the Fall is so
stressful because every Teaching Appointment and practice
we've had so far, we've gone off on this huge
tangent because of the investigator's questions like
"What kind of fruit was it? Did they really eat a fruit
or was it something else? Why would God give two conflicting
commandments?" etc. etc. But we are definitely making
progress as a companionship. I think the one thing we need
to work on is knowing where each of us wants to take the
lesson because I will have a specific plan in mind and then
one of my comps goes off in a completely different direction

What else? Oh here's an interesting story for you. The
other day we were in the Referral Center making calls and I
called this woman who had requested a Bible. We got to
talking and come to find out she was just getting back into
Christianity after 2 years of being a Muslim. I'm not
sure how that works but anyways, she was just desperately
searching for truth in her life and she was having a lot of
problems going back to her old Baptist church because when
she left, all her old friends and associates turned their
backs on her. Basically to make a long story short, She got
not only the Bible she had requested but a Book of Mormon,
she asked for the missionaries to come teach her and I
committed her to going to Church on Sunday. Oh and she gave
me 5 referrals. The Spirit totally directed everything I
said and it was just amazing. That same day, our district
had made a goal of 15 referrals in our hour at the RC. We
ended up with 37. It was an amazing testimony building

This week in my personal study I've been studying the
Sons of Mosiah. And I finally realized during my study this
week that Ammon, this amazing model of a missionary, was
also one of the sons of Mosiah who was seeking to destroy
the Church just a few chapters before. I guess I had never
really put 2 and 2 together.

Ok heres a funny thing about me in the MTC. I never
realized it before because I always had my iPod on, but I
literally have a song in my head every minute of the day
that I'm not specifically thinking about something ha.
It's got to be a mental quirk or something. It's
really weird that it's been 2 weeks since I listened to
music. I think this is the longest period of time ever that
that's happened haha. But apparently have the tendency
to sing along when I'm walking so my comps are always
like "What are you singing today Elder Rowley?"
It's pretty funny.

The weather has been way random the past few days. Right
now it's really drizzly but I'm surviving. Oh Dad, I
met a couple missionaries going to Singapore!! I'm kind
of just typing things as I think them ha. I have yet to
repeat a tie haha. That's another funny thing, I'm
the one in our district that has to be like perfectly ready
every morning haha. Surprised? I've had a really good
week though overall. A little bit of homesickness but like
the MTC mission president says, It's ok to be homesick
because theres a difference between being homesick, and
wanting to quit and go home. So I think it's good that I
miss you but I'm still loving what I'm doing. :)

I think that's all for now. You're letters should
come in a few days. There are 4 ha. I love you all!

Elder Rowley

"Faith is knowing the sun is there.
Hope is believing the clouds will move."

Favorite quote of the week:
"Every missionary in the field today is, in some way,
a direct result of the very work they are doing."

PS. Karly, if you want to send me no-bakes either Thursday
Friday or Saturday just that same day delivery thing, I
would love you forever.

PPS: Mom i'm not sure if Dani got your email because I
haven't heard from her at all since early last week. Can
you make sure you're sending this to her? Thanks. Love

PPS. Adrienne. I want a letter from you.

PPPS. Al - I am so sorry about what happened this week. I
am praying for you and I hope you are doing ok. Don't
forget that i love you.

PPPPS...How was JOSEPH????

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