Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Couple of New Buzzworthy Blogs

Ladies and gentlemen, my dear devoted reader(s). Introducing a pair of brand-new blogs for your reading pleasure.

First up is the blog of my dear friend Miss Chelsea Wilson. (PS I just figured out how to make a link! Go me!) Chelsea in Wonderland chronicles Miss Wilson's grand adventures as a Musical Theater major at the top-rated and incredibly prestigious University of Michigan. Just in case you somehow missed the memo (which if you personally know me I guarentee I've told you) UMich is the #1 Musical Theater program in the country. In the entire U.S. of A. 10 guys and 10 girls were accepted out of the 700+who were invited to audition. One of those 10 was my best friend Chelsea. Yes. That gives you a tiny smidge of an idea how incredibly amazingly talented she is. Most days I still marvel at the fact that I know her, much less that I'm friends with her. Long story short, you should really read her blog because you will be reading the thoughts and experiences of a future Broadway superstar. Just ask Gavin Creel. Or Hunter Foster. Danny Gurwin. Andrew and Celia Keenan-Bolger. Pasek and Paul. Yeah. She's on a list with those people. Love you Chels.

Next up is actually a blog that is kind of about me. Dani, (hopefully you all know who she is by now if you read this blog), has started a blog about me and the other guys. My Boys will follow the 6 of us as we go on missions and Dani as she goes to AFRICA for spring and summer 2009. It should be really for fun for people to read as we spread out across the world and reunite in two years! SO you should check out both of these blogs! And comment on my post :)


Chelsea said...

glenners :) LOVE YOU! haha you are my biggest fan- and you rock my world!

danidiz said...

and my six cute boys....awww...i'm gonna cry. right now.
I miss you glenners