Thursday, August 28, 2008

We Were Here

"and now i find myself back...back in my adventure. back in college. back in the choice i made, that cannot be taken back. not that i regret it. it is just...not as special. it's not as special as what i found...when i returned to the friends, who so lovingly take me in. who don't praise me or put me down. i am just a part. and no matter how minor or major role i play, it is where i belong. with them. it means the world to me." - A. McDonald


Anonymous said...

Amy is such an amazing writer. And this is so true. I love you

carly said...

congrats on your call glenn! i'm so excited for you. i agree with karly, amy is a great writer.
good choice for a quote and cute pic

beck said...

love that quote!