Friday, April 18, 2008

Something to Look Forward To...

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With all the confusion and stress of upcoming finals and moving home, I realized something kind of big had completely slipped my mind. We're going to have a 6 Reunion at the beginning of May! Cami's flying back from Pittsburgh before she starts her summer performing at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA, and with Karly, Taylor, and I coming home from college, we will have 10 days of complete, uninterrupted time together. 10 days that are sure to be filled with fun things like the Drama Banquet (Cami, Taylor and I are presenters), my and Karly's 19th birthday, and an endless string of Golden Spoon, dance parties, afternoons playing games, going to lunch, movie nights, dinners, photo shoots, making music videos, etc. I'm so excited and it will help keep my mind off how sad I am to be leaving my friends up here!
Plus, these specific 10 days will be particularly special. Because, not only will it be the first time we've all been in St. George since Christmas break, it will also be the LAST time we will all get to be together for at LEAST 2 years - probably longer! Because after this reunion, Cami's going to VA and then back to Pittsburgh, Karly's jetting off to London at the end of June, Chelsea's off to pursue her big dreams at the University of Michigan, and I will be who-knows-where on my mission come sometime in August. So it literally will be our last summer together for a while.
And the prospect of that got me thinking...It's going to be very interesting for us to all sit down together and talk. Because it's been a year since the band "broke up" and four of us moved away from STG. In the past year, we have each had such drastically different experiences and we've all grown and matured and changed quite a bit. Truth be told, we each have our own separate lives and worlds now, and getting to reconnect with each other during this summer, no matter how short a time we get, is something to be really grateful for. It's going to be downright intriguing to see the evolution of each of us over this past year. How much can one short year change a group of friends? I'm really looking forward to finding out.

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can't wait to getout of this hole in the lib. and play with my best friends