Friday, April 18, 2008

Morning on the Balcony

This is my good friend Kendall. This morning, I found K playing his guitar on the balcony of our building. In our pajamas, with nothing but that guitar and the brisk chilliness of a sun just starting to wake up, (this day COULD turn out to be warm, the high is almost 70) we talked for a good hour and a half about every random subject we could think of. He had never heard the infamous "moving to STG" story and I had never heard his "Kendall was a rebel until the 11th grade" story. It was a great morning, and a relaxing way to start off finals. A good memory with a good friend. Love ya K.
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Kendall said...

Glenn. I don't even know what to say. Mostly because apparently I don't understand how to use blogger. Whatever. No really. I like the blog. Love you bud. Can't wait til you come home! GO CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!