Thursday, April 17, 2008

Life is Beautiful

I haven't posted anything about my day-to-day goings-on in Provo lately, so here's a quick update... Oh and before we start, my trusty camera spent most of this past week visiting Megan's apartment, so sorry for the lack of pictures. Now to begin!

This past week(ish) has been total insanity. I have been nothing but busy finishing my classes, studying for finals, working on my mission papers, and fulfilling all the necessary ward/for-no-particular-reason social engagements. SO, starting with last weekend, here is everything that has been going on!!!
Saturday started with my ward closing social - a big BBQ at Bishop Rogers' house! Amidst all the great food and friends, the ward had voted on a bunch of funny awards the week before, kind of like Preference in high school. I was voted "Most Likely to Be the Next American Idol" which I found kind of funny since I never really sang for anyone in the ward! But it was really nice to be recognized in the ward of so many talented people. I also got nominated for "Most Likely to Star in the Singles Ward 3" (Kendall won) and "Most Likely to Marry a Celebrity Rolling in Dough" (Brent won and Andy was also nominated for this one), which I'm not sure are as much of a compliment haha! I don't know what it says about us that 3 of the 4 nominees for marrying a rich celebrity were from our little group of friends...ha. Abe was up for "Best Comedian", and the guys' apartment won "Best Personality" (which my REAL apt. was nom'd for too! My roommates seemed kind of confused). The best award we won as a group though was "Most Likely to Stay Friends and Have Their Kids Become Roommates." Now, it technically went to Felt 32, (Abe, Brent, etc's apt), but they said I was definitely included in the award since I'm Roommate #7. Since none of us voted, it was a really cool thing for the rest of the ward to recognize our group of friends.

Saturday night was the Heritage Invitational dance, which ended up basically being a college prom. But it was really fun. I went with Megan Knell and we went with all my friends and their dates (except Abe, who was in Kaysville). I don't have any pictures because they are all on Meg's camera but I will post those ASAP.
Sunday was the best Sunday I have had in Provo all year. In sacrament, Abe, Andy, Brent, Chris, Dani, and I sang "God Be With You Till We Meet Again." It went really well and I realized after we finished that it was the first time I had done anything in sacrament this whole year besides bear my testimony! Sunday also blessed us with 75 degree weather so after church, we decided with some girls from Fox Hall to have a big picnic out on the lawn. During the picnic, we were attacked by a rival picnic with a bunch of confetti-filled Easter eggs! It was such a beautiful day and it was so nice to just relax with friends.

The day didn't stop there! After the picnic, us six boys+Dani+Michel+Kelsey went to dinner at Chris's house. His mom made us the BEST homecooked meal and it was really cool to just be sitting around the dinner table with my best friends and reminisce about this crazy year that brought us together. We ended up spending almost 3 hours at his house laughing about good memories and good times. (I'm getting pics of this from Dani).

Monday and Tuesday were the last two days of classes for the semester! I can't believe I will have no more lectures, homework assignments, labs, quizzes and tests for two whole years!! The only thing left are finals, which start on Friday. Monday was a beautiful 80 degree weather and that night I went to Karly's to celebrate the return of One Tree Hill after a month of no episodes. On Tuesday, to mark the end of school, our tri-hall put together a "Kick Off Summer (After Finals are Over) BBQ. Except there turned out to be one little problem. It snowed on Tuesday. Yes, snowed. A day after the weather was 80 degrees. The weather is one thing I will not miss about this place. The BBQ was moved inside though, and we enjoyed the free food!!! Before the snow decided to descend on us, I played volleyball with Kendall, Abe and Andy, which was a blast, but also very chilly in shorts and bare feet. After two losses and a team switch, Abe and I beat Kendall and Andy. Which means I have finally beaten Kendall in volleyball, something I haven't done since his team won at FOL all the way back in August!
Which finally brings me to today. After spending the morning re-reading chapters of my chemistry textbook, I spent today once again with the guys (Dani is in STG with her family. So jealous.) We're really trying to spend as much time as possible together because a week from today, people will start leaving. Don't want to think about it. Anyways, to celebrate the end of classes and the first Reading Day, instead of hitting up the library like responsible college students, we got off-campus and headed to KFC with wardies Jordan Farley, Darrik Cheney, and C.J. Chacon. Seeing Brent and Mich put away an entire bucket of fried chicken in one sitting made my day.

So that was my week. With only one week left to spend with my friends, I'm finally learning to appreciate the here and now. I'm so grateful for my experiences here. This has been everything I wanted, needed, and then some. Life is beautiful.

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