Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Last Visit Home!

I have officially made my last 4 hour drive back to Provo against my will! This weekend I went down to STG with Karly and it was my last visit before I move home! Some trip highlights include:
  • Going to Vegas with Chelsea for her voice lesson and dinner
  • The look on Chelsea's face when I noticed the Jazz game in Chilis and wanted to watch it
  • A Rocket Summer Musical (Chels and I are totally gonna do it ha)
  • Jordan's surprise b-day bash (so awkward with the class of 08, but so fun with Jacee Ashley, and Chelsea - we're totally the cool group)
  • Lunch with Mom and Spencer
  • 80 degree sunshine! (I came back to hail and snow yesterday)
  • General Conference
  • And best of all...Whitney's baptism on Sunday!!!

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