Monday, March 17, 2008

I Want the Good Times Back

I was looking through a bunch of old pictures the other day and came across these pictures from Les Miserables at Tuacahn in 2005. Looking back, this was by far one of the most impactful experiences I was blessed to have in high school. That summer, I was an excited, freshly driver's-licensed 16 year old who was so ecstatic to be a part of this inaugural program at Tuacahn. I walked away from that show with some amazing friends, countless fun memories, knowledge, experience, and an increased love of performing. It really taught me how to use my talents to reach out and serve other people. And I continued learning and trying to exercise this concept throughout high school under Mr. Saxton. My experience with musical theater in high school was truly life-changing. I don't know what I would have done those 3 years without it. It makes me realize how grateful I am for people like Mr. Saxton, Mrs. Snow, Jan, Andy, and all the other amazing, amazing people who directed me and guided me during those times in my life. They truly helped shape my passion, and made me strive to be a better person. I wish I could just build a time machine and go back to that time in my life. It's been really hard to go from having it be such a huge part of my life for 3 years to having it virtually not exist for me here at BYU. It's been literally 14 months since I've auditioned for a show and almost a year (CRAZY) since I did Little Shop. I honestly think that might be one of the reasons I've been having such a difficult time lately. It's like I don't have that release or escape or whatever you want to call it anymore, and I have yet to find a suitable replacement, so it's just school and stress and nose to the grindstone all the time. I miss this!


Ann Staples said...

Glenn! I am finally making a comment on your blog! Glad you and part of the "band" had a good weekend together. Nice to have such good friends and wonderful memories from high school. That experience for all of you will prove to be a great springboard into your adult life. I know it has been a tough year for you, but look... you have survived! This will also be something for you to look back on to prove to yourself that when times are tough you can make it and do well. You are a great person and I have a lot of faith in you and what you will accomplish in the future. Just try to enjoy the moment and the journey - even when it gets bumpy. Recognize how strong you are and that you have a blessed life with so many opportunities. Focus on a good thing each day and keep going for your short and long term goals. I am so thankful that Karly has such wonderful friends. I can't wait to see where all of you end up!

Ang said...

that play was amazing!!!! and I know how you feel. High school had a lot of times I wouldn't want back but the good memories are better than anything, sometimes I miss them too! -Angie