Monday, March 10, 2008

Fun Spring Weekend

Spring is finally here! At least for now...there's always a chance it could snow, but I'm trying to think positive! Friday night I decided to do something a little out of the ordinary and went to the BYU gymnastics meet with Brent, Abe, Chris, and Kelsey. After watching the meet, gymnastics is basically my new favorite sport. I always loved watching it at the Olympics, but watching it in person is a completely different experience! And to top off the fun, we very closely beat SUU! (Sorry Tay haha!) I spent most of Saturday with Maddie. She was hosting a recruit for the night and enlisted my help in entertaining the girl. After ice cream at the Creamery, we ended up watching Stick It (yet another gymnastics reference). Oh, I also had stake conference Saturday night, which I totally forgot about, plus Abe was speaking, so I ended up returning my Last Five Years tickets. Bummer!!! After conference, Kendall, Andy, and Abe went to Kaysville for a farewell, which effectively cut us in 1/2. Sunday brought more stake conference, singing in the choir for the big session, dinner with Chris, Brent, Kelsey and her roommates (Thank you for feeding us!) a surprise birthday party for Kelsey, and watching Hairspray with Maddie, Brent, Abe, Chris, and Dani. Ok everyone knows that this movie is one of my all-time favorites and I've seen it so many times I know the whole thing by heart, but this time was a whole new experience. Watching it with Brent was probably the funniest thing I've ever done. He liked the movie way more than he would admit once it was over. Good weekend. And a new week begins.

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