Friday, February 1, 2008

Goodbye, January

I'm once again slacking in the blog department. I just realized I haven't actually blogged about anything I've done since getting back from St. George with the guys. Which was two weeks ago. Two weeks of no news for my dear devoted 1-2 readers (Mom and Karly). So, for those of you who care, here's a brief rundown of all major events post-Martin Luther King Day.
The biggest news is that our dear prophet, President Gordon B. Hinckley passed away January 27, 2008. I took his death extremely hard. I always felt a very personal connection with him. I got to hear him speak in person twice - once at a BYU devotional, and once at his last General Conference in October 2007. However, the most profound and special occasion I had with President Hinckley was when I got to sing for him at the Church Administration Building December of my sophomore year. I will miss him so much. He was the prophet of my childhood and will always be the prophet of our generation.
Another big piece of news is that one of my best buds, Brandall, left on his mission this week. He's going to the Brazil, Londrina mission and he reported to the Sao Paolo MTC on Tuesday!
A few other things: I had the flu earlier this week (luckily I'm feeling better), but my dear friend Karly is very sick with something called costochondritis. Feel better! I miss your voice!
The only other male in the StG Six, Trent, is staying with me for a few days! He's here for a high school theater conference. This also means that over 1,000 high school drama nerds have invaded BYU's campus and the Jamba Juice line is about 5 miles long.
My fave roommate Brock got his mission call this week! He is going to Stockholm, Sweden! He reports to the MTC May 28, he's speaking Swedish, and President Hinckley signed his mission call 2 days before he passed away.
Trent was lucky enough tonight to witness one of our many boys' only never-ending debates. They usually take place late at night in Brent and Kendall's room with us all piled on the two beds (representing the two sides...). This night was no exception, except for Trent was sitting in the middle representing the neutral ground. Our arguements are usually half sarcastic and joking/half serious. Tonight's started out on Lance Armstrong but eventually gave way to American patriotism, Canada, Hilary Clinton, water as a renewable resource, slavery, racism, the civil rights movement, religion, the Second Coming, and whether or not white people have "culture" (Andy made the mistake of saying caucasians have no culture like Asians and Hispanics. Don't even get me started.) and a vast majority of many other topics, until we finally leveled, agreed we would still be friends in the morning, and went to bed. I think Trent dealt with a tiny bit of shock haha. Anyways, I think that's basically everything that's gone on in my little BYU world lately. Oh, and it's technically February now!!! Happy Month of Love.

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