Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I woke up about two hours ago and haven't been able to get back to sleep since. I think I have the stomach flu. I hate being sick in Provo because quite frankly all I want is to go home and have my mom take care of me. But instead, I'm stuck in a tiny twin sized bed with no one but a foreign exchange student, who I don't think will even understand (or care) that I'm sick, and Doggy. I would die if Doggy wasn't here.

In other news though, I found out last night that one of my very good friends from high school is going to be getting baptized at the beginning of next month. It was so neat because she called me and invited me to her discussion and I hadn't seen her in about three weeks, and once we got there, she set the date with the missionaries and everything! I am so excited and so proud of her. It was so great to be there for that. And it was so good to see her and her roommates!!

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