Thursday, February 28, 2008


Ok America, I am pissed. At American Idol. Today, along with three no-brainers, Alaina Whitaker, my FAVORITE girl in the WHOLE competition, got voted off. And it's only the Top 20!?! I am so angry right now. Hopefully she has a long successful career ahead of her. Because she is way better than Ramiele Mulubay, Asia'h Epperson, Amanda Overmeyer, Kady Malloy, and even Kristy Lee Cook (Sorry Abe.) and Syesha Mercado. I seriously had a difficult time covering her up with a pink sticky-note on my Idol Wall. America got it WRONG!!!!

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Amanda and Shaye Scott said...

Glen, all I have to say is--Amen! THis poor girl! When she started bawling in the results show, I started bawling. She was one of my favs in the girls!