Friday, February 22, 2008


Well, season 7 of American Idol is officially under way. The Top 24 have been chosen and we're finally at the part of the show that I love. The real performing and voting!!! My best friend Taylor and I both love the show, so we came up with a wonderful idea. The picture above is my "Idol Wall". It's right above my bed. Tay has one too! Every week we predict who will get sent home and then once they are eliminated, we cover them up with a sticky note. We are seriously such nerds, but what else do you expect from middle of the night conversations between me and Tay?
Another interesting note on Idol: this year, there are two LDS contestants in the Top 24, and they are two of my very favorites!! David Archuleta is from Murray, UT and Brooke White is from Mesa, AZ. I definitely think they will both go a long way on the show - I think David could win it all, he is SO good. Way to represent!!

So there you have it, my yearly obsession with an amateur TV singing competition has begun!

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Chelsea said...

Hey there's nothing wrong with being obsessed and nerdy with American Idol...
I'm right there with ya!

Well I don't actually have an Idol Wall...