Saturday, January 5, 2008

Back at the Y

Yes, I am back for my 2nd semester at Brigham Young University. I survived the first. Christmas break was AMAZING and PERFECT and every other positive word in the dictionary. I was so busy I forgot to blog during the break! But I will post a bunch of pics as soon as possible. Just know that it was amazing and I'm in a band. A few things have changed since the end of last semester. First, my World of Warcraft loving roommate Jeff has been replaced by Van, my new roommate. Van is from Vietnam, like straight off the boat. Van is also Buddhist. I think he was meditating last night. It's definitely going to be interesting. Also, the main theme of my classes has changed consderably. This semester I am taking Chemistry, Biology, Human Anatomy, Italian, and Mission Prep. It's going to be a more challenging courseload, but I will be much more interested in these classes than in English with Sister Satan and biggest-letdown-of-the-semester Communications. Anyways, this has to be short because I have tons of stuff to do, but I promise I will post more details and pictures later!

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Anonymous said...

So glad you are challenging yourself more! Call me today and lets hang out!