Monday, December 3, 2007

Me and My Gang(s) Like Two Worlds Colliding

This weekend when I went to Salt Lake I had a major revelation and I just had to call my Mom. I called her up with the good news right when I got home: "Mom you will never believe this! I was walking down the street in SLC and I turned around and suddenly realized I was looking at like 15 people who I think actually, genuinely care about me! I have real friends!" She basically just took this statement and laughed but I was totally serious! And it happened without me even really noticing.

It really kind of surprised me, but the situation was funny. It's almost like as soon as I stopped consciously trying to make friends and establish a so-called "group," a group of friends came and found me. I feel very lucky! It's still kind of strange, Chelsea and I have talked about it: it's just weird that I have basically two separate lives, two groups of friends that don't know each other or even realize the huge impact the other group has had on me and my life. And when the two worlds collide, like they did this weekend when Chelsea came up to visit and met my friends for about 5 minutes, it's just very interesting for me to watch. Chelsea walking into Brent's room and waking him up was so classic! I can't wait to bring the guys down to the STG and see what they think. So yeah, those are my thoughts for the day...


Taylor Jean said... many times have I told you, you are my best friend and i'm sick of all of this...thats what I'm going to tell him

Kendall said...

I love Glenn!