Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tag On Ice

Today our ward went ice skating at the Seven Peaks Ice Arena. It was a total blast and it was so fun to be there with so many people! It almost felt like the Choir Tour all over again! Except not because the people were totally different...anyways, it was great! I always forget that I'm actually decent at ice skating until I'm on the ice. Turns out my friends are all pretty good too haha. Basically the only person who could outskate us was Myles, the Elder's Quorum President who was like a skating whiz. So yeah, just another reason for everyone to watch us. We're pretty used to it by now. Haha totally kidding! Well kinda... So after about an hour of zooming around the rink, causing a few helpless people to inadvertently eat it (we didn't realize zipping in and out of people actually made them fall over!) and helping teach a few timid souls how to let go of the wall, we got kind of bored. And started the most intense game of tag I've played since 1st grade when Colleen Lombardo and Gary Groth collided and Gary's front tooth got knocked out. It became a bit chaotic because we all got a little competitive and started skating in whatever direction got us away from whoever was It. Turns out everyone else wanted to skate in the same direction and we were disrupting by skating against the grain. We eventually retired the game when Matt Wells, our WONDERFUL RA who decided to play with us (I hope you can hear the sarcasm dripping from those words) chased Abe for over 5 minutes without catching him. The only bad thing was that my knees took a beating on the ice. When I untied my skates and got back on solid ground, I thought I was going to pass out my knee hurt so bad. The scary thing was that it's my left knee, the one I haven't dislocated. And it's been popping all day since. But it doesn't hurt anymore, so that's good I guess (thank you Dr. Ibuprofen). After we got back to campus, (Sister Slider had to come back for me, Abe, Chris, and Brent because there wasn't room for us the first ride back) I went to Legends with Brent, Abe, Jordan Farley, and Matt Stewart. I love that place more every time I eat there. Then me, Brent, and Abe went and played card games with Sarah, Ashley G., and Lindsay. I suck at Uno and Egyptian Rat Screw. Like seriously, you have no idea.

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