Saturday, November 3, 2007

It's a Rat Race!

After a kind of tough day, I took some time tonight to focus on being with friends. Movie nights are always the best! Tonight I watched Rat Race with Abe, Brent, Chris, Ashley Garrett, and Sarah Erickson from our ward. I seriously forgot how much I love that movie! It was so funny! It just might be one of my all-time favorites. The best part was actually watching Abe because he had never seen it before so he had no idea what was coming. So funny! Anyways, the movie ended and we got yelled at by the RA that lives with those girls because we were accidently in their apartment like 5 minutes past curfew. None of us had even thought of the time and it kind of made me mad that the RA got so upset. We just ended up going back to the guys' apartment (really my second home, I practically live there) and talking until we were all talked out. Typical night. It was just really nice. I love my friends. I know I say that all the time but I really am so glad I found such great friends up here. And that it was so easy! The one thing I've been especially noticing lately is how grateful I need to be that my friends are seriously NORMAL! There are honestly so many self-righteous, holier than thou people up here who I'm sure are very nice people but I would go crazy without some people I can really relate to. Anyways, I had a super fun time tonight. Nights like this make college and all the stress and tears worth it. I know I am supposed to be up here. Even if just to meet those three friends. But I really think it's for something bigger. I have to stay here.

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