Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween, Holy November!

Yesterday was Halloween! After a cold day of class (Comms was extra fun, arguing for an hour on what is appropriate to show as media at BYU. Everybody Loves Raymond got turned off because it was so "offensive") I first took a nap because I have been having the hardest time sleeping! And when I woke up it was literally almost 930! I was worried I had missed anyone who was leaving for the night. But my timing turned out to be perfect. After running to Stephanie's to put the finishing touches on my halloween get-up, I walked into the lobby of my apt and right into Chris Abe and Brent and a couple of Chris's friends from high school. We went to the party at the infamous Hollywood House. It was crazy packed and I got lost for about 20 minutes (I love my wonderful sense of direction.) but it was pretty fun. Unfortunately I didnt bring my camera so I don't have any wonderful pictures to document the night. Or all the dancing we did... Oh well, we weren't really dressed up anyway. After the Hollywood house we came back to our apt and ended up talking and playing around with a bunch of wardies for another hour. Outside in the 37 degree cold. Yeah, I could see my breath on Halloween. I don't think that's ever happened. But now it's November! Holy cow where did October go! Or even the year? I remember last Halloween like yesterday! Karly, Chelsea, Cami and some stupid guy who Cam was dating at the time went to Thriller at Tuacahn. Good times! But seriously it's November which means Mom's B-day, Thanksgiving and possibly a trip home with my friends! Life is good today.

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