Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Finding Yourself: Not a Yes or No Question

Everything I ever heard about college before I graduated always ended with the same thing: You find yourself in college. I've been thinking a lot about this simple statement lately. How true is it? Can you really find yourself at a university? Can you really ever find yourself at all? I think it's impossible. Simply because every day you're changing and progressing, so the person you were yesterday is always just a little bit different from the person you wake up as today. Or maybe it is possible. And that everchanging person is actually just an everchanging mask covering the constant inside of you...

Either way, college is a time to figure a lot of stuff out. I mean, it's only natural. For most college kids, (myself included) this is the first time we've ever been on our own. We have tons of freedom previously unaccustomed to. I feel like I have the entire world open to me and I'm totally revelling in the constant exploration of life.

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Taylor Jean said...

glenny poo that was deap...and yes I'm reading your blog :)