Monday, November 12, 2007

Busy Busy Weekend

Well folks, since it was my first full weekend in Provo in like literally about a month, I decided I needed to keep myself busy! I was very successful. Here's the basic lowdown on what I did this weekend.

Friday: I met up with Brent (Abe went to Kaysville for the weekend and Chris was at work) at the "river court" (that's what I'm calling it now) and we just kind of shot around for a while. For those of you from STG reading this, can you seriously believe I'm playing basketball in my spare time? Me either. We played HORSE with this girl named Roxy (a difficult person to define - she basically has a huge crush on Brent but he doesn't like her. She doesn't seem to get the hint...I hope she doesn't read this!) and I lost. Turns out I can't be automatically amazing at everything I do! After my really pathetic loss (to Roxy, I knew Brent would kick my trash), we decided to do a quick change into some BYU blue and hit up the dance at the Smith Fieldhouse. BYU dances are really so fun. Well, all dances are fun. You all know how much I love dancing, and Brent loves it almost as much as I do. Needless to say we were there from the very beginning until the very end (9:30 - 11:45). Then, I ran into Maggie and Liz, two of my favorite girls from my ward, and talked to them (hysterical story involving throwing a cello out the window, hysterical roommate crying, etc.) while Brent awkwardly dropped Roxy off at her dorm. After that awkwardness, we went back to our basement and had ANOTHER DANCE PARTY with Chris (back from work finally!) Sarah, Ashley, Ashley and Lindsay. Very fun but I was seriously danced out by 1:30 when they left (Thank you Honor Code). Teaching those girls how to pop lock and drop it was a total ordeal. Fell into bed dead by 2.

Saturday: Woke up totally sore from all the dancing. Vowed to never attend another dance for the rest of eternity - immediately took back that vow. Basically spent the whole day doing absolutely nothing. Caught up on some good reading. Didn't have any homework. Very nice. Brent twisted his ankle for the second time this month playing basketball. Bad News Bears. Ended up going to Harry Potter 5 at the Varsity Theater with Brent, Sarah, Ashley, Ashley, Lindsay, and Elsie (their RA roommate). Chris was off with some girl from UVSC. We really didn't see him all weekend. After the movie, took the girls back to their apartment, chatted for a while, and went back to Brent's to watch him kill Andy 3 games in a row on NBA Live 06. Video games will be the downfall of our culture. Actually got to bed by 12:30ish. Very proud of myself.

Sunday: Went to church with Brent. Took my weekly post-church nap. Karly called me around 5:30 and invited me over for dinner. That was great because I feel like we don't really get to spend hardly any fun time together anymore. It's ok because it's just a part of life I guess, but I do miss hanging out with her. After dinner, Brent spent almost an hour trying to convert me to reggae music. Apparently Sean Kingston isn't real reggae (sorry the white kid didn't know!) Then, we had ward prayer and ward choir, and then we watched Step Up (all of us finally. Abe made it home.) with Sarah and Lindsay. The Ashleys were MIA. I forgot how much I love that movie.

In Conclusion: It's been a SUPER busy weekend. I basically spent all my time mostly with Brent. It was really fun, so I guess the mission was accomplished. Oh and sorry this is so long, and that I don't have any pics, my photo album software is being stubborn and not letting me in but I will post pics as soon as I can! Thanks for reading all this. Nighty night.

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