Wednesday, November 14, 2007

1st BYU Basketball Game

Tonight I went to my first BYU basketball game. It was very fun. But not as fun as a UNR game. I'm kind of having some trouble with this whole school spirit thing. Goal to work on that. Oh and of course I forgot my camera so I didn't take any pictures! Sorry Mom! Anyways, I went to the game with Brent, Abe, Chris, and some other people from our ward. It was great (we might be making more friends, we can't really tell ha.) The game was possibly the most anticlimatic game I've ever been to. We played Idaho St. and won 91 to 69. The only time it was ever close was at the beginning when we were tied 0-0. Ha. But we had a good time anyway. After the game we went to the Creamery which made no sense because it's butt cold freezing outside. I love basketball season. Rise and freaking shout. Forever.

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