Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Tragedy Called Friendship

Today I realized something funny. Top Friends on Facebook can be such an ego-booster or total ego-crusher. Seriously. Putting all your closest friends on your Top Friends is only the beginning. What if one of your best friends puts all your other friends on their Top Friends, but excludes you? Do you take that person off your Top Friends because obviously the Top Friendness is not reciprocated? And how do you react the next time you see that person on campus? Should you write on their Wall and confront them? Or maybe do it through text? And if they then put you on their Top Friends, did they really mean it or did they just do it to appease you? Social networking is so much drama. It's practically your very own personal soap opera. Why do we let our lives be controlled by such things?

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Cami Kooka said...

hahaha soo true glenn. so true. haha thats why i'm having trouble debating whether to put "top friends" on my facebook page.