Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Things I've Learned From College...

So it is October 24th. My 2 month anniversary of moving to Provo. 2 months ago was the hardest day of my life. And now, looking back on my two months as a college student:

1. If you live in the dorms, you never go to bed before midnight. Ever.
2. Some people's lives actually revolve around the game World of Warcraft.
2.5 You don't have to like your roommates, you just have to live with them.
3. You aren't required to be social in college.
4. However, you're still required to make new friends. Yeah...
5. Actually making friends isn't as hard as I worried it would be. At least 3 of them.
6. It only takes a couple months for your new friends to feel like best friends.
7. English teachers don't get any nicer after high school.
8. When in college, you don't have a TV. So you resort to watching TV online.
9. Except I don't have time for TV because I am always studying or doing homework.
10. You never have money. And suddenly $30 a week is alot. Did I really just say that?
11. Snow is evil. I want to live in an air-controlled, weatherless bubble for the rest of my life.
12. I really, really miss every thing about St. George that I said I hated. Except the curfew.
13. Actually, a curfew is a really good thing.
14. Because I am always seriously sleep deprived. Seriously.
15. Melting down because of homesickness at 2 in the morning is totally normal. For me.
16. I talk to my mom on the phone at least 12 times a day. And my gramma. Really.
17. I want to be a surgeon. I hate English. And Communications.
18. One of my best friend's middle names is L'asambakasenda. Straight out of Africa. Well, technically Canada.
19. I'm not the only one who sleeps with a stuffed animal. I think.
20. No one here has to know I sing. Reputations don't proceed you.
21. Doing stuff in Provo is just a way to pass the time in between the weekends I get to go home.
22. You finally realize how grateful you should have been for your best friends in high school.
23. Facebook is the bomb.
24. My day gets a whole lot better when I find free food.
25. I am not even remotely like 95% of the people living in my building.
26. You constantly want to rip out the vocal chords of every music major in your building who tries to show off. Or maybe that's just me.
27. I can love basketball without having to actually play it.
28. Chappelle's Show and Family Guy are actually kind of funny. I'm still not sold on Seinfeld.
29. Walking everywhere sucks. I really miss my car.
30. This whole starting over thing is kind of great.


Cami Kooka said...

love it. i need to make me one of these lists. of course it would be completely different that yours (haha) but i still need to make one.

becky said...

I am cracking up over all of your posts! You totally make me laugh! My favorite - I think - is the Avatar-addicted grad student who gave you a C!