Monday, October 29, 2007

Looking Forward and Trying Not to Run Back

So, I haven't posted anything for about a half of a week because it's been partly a really boring half week and partly a really busy week. If that makes any sense. Basically up until the weekend was totally boring with nothing happening. And then the weekend came and I went home! Then things started picking up. That will be a seperate post. But yeah, so now I'm back to my boring Provo life with very few friends and very few fun times. But hey the semester is now halfway over! So that's something to look forward to. The End. Well, the Break Before New Year's. Hopefully by then I will have more than three friends from BYU. I keep telling myself it will happen one day. I am really excited though, because my three friends are going to come down to STG with me in December. Something to look forward to. Christmas also means I get to see Cami. And the Six will be reunited. Forever. Something to look forward to. L. Tom Perry is speaking at devotional tomorrow. Something to look forward to. My life is full of Something to Look Forward To's. Try to live in the present Glenn. Just Try.

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