Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Night of Conclusions

Last night, I came to this conclusion: I may not have many close friends up here (like I can count them on one hand), but the friends I have are great. They are literally the one good thing up here for me. Just when I'm having the worst time on my own, and thinking I have absolutely no one at this whole university who actually cares about me and I'm ready to go home, I'm reminded of how much I'm blessed to have friends who aren't holier than thou Peter Priesthoods to make me feel better. Thank you ABC Boys.

Also, The Ringer is a freakin' hilarious movie. It's like I felt really bad for laughing throughout the entire thing, but it was just so funny!! And I don't think I could have really watched it with anyone else on campus and felt comfortable laughing so hard.

And, I'm so so so excited for Friday because my parents will be here and everything will be better!

And I'm just as excited for Sunday because Taylor will be here and I miss my best friend and everything will be perfect, and then I can hopefully be feeling better about this place and staying here.

Oh and it's raining again. Surprise. And thundering. I am deathly afraid of thunder.

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