Friday, October 19, 2007

The 5 Stages of Grief and Swagat Happiness

It's Parent's Weekend!! And the timing could not have been more perfect. This morning I got my first English paper back. Grad student beasty gave me a C+. I've never gotten a C on anything in my entire life. Natural to how seriously I take my work, a complete and total meltdown was soon happening. Like I didn't even make it back to my apartment before I collapsed in a mess of tears. I swear a big chunk of the grade is just because that woman does not like me. Anyways, after finally making it back to my apartment I called my parents, who were already on their way up here for a funfilled weekend. After letting them know of my serious devestation, I proceeded to lay in bed for about an hour and a half just crying. I forgot to clean my apartment or even shower. I stayed there until my wonderful, amazing, perfect cavalry arrived with a big box of chocolates and tons of great advice. I seriously love my parents. The talk with my dad definitely helped. And then we tried to burn my paper but were too lazy to start the fireplace and ask for permission and go through many laborous fire-starting tasks. After finishing the big emotional outburst, I have spent the rest of the day going through the 5 stages of grief. About an English paper. Yeah, I'm pathetic but I have a hard time letting something I consider that much of a personal blow go very easily. I'm currently in stage four (Denial). (Thank you Dr. Therapist I went to during my senior year, who obviously helped me so much that I can't remember your name, for helping me learn these stages.) I'm sure at some point in the night there will probably be a relapse back through grief, anger, more grief etc. but eventually I will hopefully reach stage 5 (Acceptance). Well, probably not but I can hope right?

The rest of the day was total fun with Mom and Dad. Love them. I took them on a very magical tour of campus, showed them all my favorite places while conveniently avoiding the Stairs of Death down to lower campus. We also shopped for groceries, a snow jacket (love it), got me a much needed haircut, and went to lunch and dinner. For dinner my dad let me pick - I think this was the first time in the history of the universe - and had to consult the OnStar lady to help us find a decent Indian restaurant. Which is how we ended up at Swagat on 700 West, my new favorite place. Let me tell you we tried chicken curry, lamb biryani (my fav.), chicken biryani, rose and mango lassi(s)?, roti, and parata. We never did get our garlic naan, but the dinner was amazing. Indian food is the newest addition to my favorite foods list.

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