Sunday, September 30, 2007

Brothers & Sisters

Season 2 of Brothers and Sisters starts tonight.
Quick Catchup of last season's finale:
  • Justin left for Iraq, said goodbye to Kitty & Nora at the airport.
  • Sarah and Joe seperated because of Joe's infidelity with Kitty's half-sister Rebecca.
  • Kitty got engaged to Senator McCallister. Their engagement party at Nora's was kind of a disaster. His family is more crazy than the Walkers.
  • Kevin made out with Senator McCallister's sibling at the engagement party, who ended up being an ordained Methodist minster.
  • Tommy and Julia's twins were born 10 weeks premature. Elizabeth came out strong, but William died due to complications. (This storyline was very hard for me to watch.)
    Tune in tonight on ABC to see what happens next!!!

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